The Five Things We Value Most (Podcast)

Welcome to the next installment of the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of StrengthsFinder.

Today on the podcast, our President, Brian Schubring, and I are talking about our values here at Leadership Vision. Values help guide the actions and decisions of an organization. When you take time to name them and write them down, you help define your core beliefs and set a direction towards what is most important. It’s something that can help your team unite around ideals and deal with conflict more positively.

In this episode, Brian and I will share our five core values and a bit about how we try to live them out among our team and with clients. We’ll also talk about why we didn’t build our values around a Strengths framework. Instead, we built them around the essence of who we want to be as a team. Listen now to hear why!

Our Values

Below are brief descriptions of how we’re using these words to define our values.


Team means that we play the game together.

play as a team player position play the game you’re in and play to win

We’re looking for people who are pursuing a particular thing to help our company have a more significant influence on our clients and the work that we do.


Generosity means giving more than you take.

Generosity means that we have a posture of giving. I have something that I can give that will help you be a better person regardless of what we may ever receive in return.


Wisdom, to us, means learning the lessons that life is teaching you and applying those learnings to someone else.

So you have this compassion this alignment this understanding this repositioning of who you are in relationship to someone to say I can help through a lesson that I’ve learned and that to me is a demonstration of wisdom.


Courage is about being the person you are, not the person you want to be.

Courage is saying I recognize the uniqueness and distinction of somebody else and courage says I am not that I am this. Courage is knowing that when you need to step into who you need to be for others that you have the willingness and the faith to do so. Courage is also providing other people the opportunities to do the same.


Fun is a value for us because it’s yet another way each of us can contribute, in a unique way, to the culture of our team. We believe our team needs to be a fun place where individuals can be their true selves in order to create a foundation where our other values can grow.

a team needs to also be a fun place to be or that individual won’t display what they can bring to add to that environment.

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