Expressing the Identity of your Team Through Image and Metaphor (podcast)

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a strengths-based approach to people, teams, and culture.

On April 15, 2019, the historic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris France, caught fire. Notre Dame is one of the greatest architectural and cultural achievements from medieval times, and over the past 800 years, has become a symbol of many things. Symbols are meaningful because they represent ideas or ideals that can be hard to put into words. Symbols can empower a culture, or organization to usher in positive change and achieve more than previously thought. Other times, the meaning of a symbol can get lost, stolen, or go on to represent things we don’t necessarily want them to represent. Regardless, symbols are powerful, and the topic of our conversation today on the Leadership Vision Podcast.

Today on the Leadership Vision podcast, we’re talking about the power of symbol and metaphor as a backdrop to helping you understand the power that can exist in a team setting. As you’ll soon hear, the Leadership Vision logo comes from Notre Dame, so this conversation here was spurred by the recent tragic events of the great cathedral. We’ll get into that a little bit, but our president Brian Schubring and I will mostly be talking here today about the symbol that our company uses to inform the work we do. We’ll also issue a challenge at the end for you to contemplate a symbol or metaphor that best represents your team.

About Our Logo

The Leadership Vision logo, which you can find in the show notes, on our website, or any of our social media properties, was originally inspired by the South Rose Window at Notre Dame. It’s a compelling symbol for our team, as it represents the tension and growth that exists when you’re in close relationship with others. It’s been many years since Brian and I have talked about our logo and its origins, so I immediately thought of Brian when I heard the news of this tragedy.

Here is the original message Brian posted on social media shortly after he learned of the fire.

It is with deep sadness and an aching heart as I learned yesterday about the fire at Notre Dame. This historic landmark has always been a place of peace for me. Every time I go to Paris, Notre Dame is the first place I go. I enter through the majestic doors, walk down the center aisle and find my seat in the transept – the “heart of the cross” design of the cathedral. It is from here that I look up and to the right at the mighty stained glass window, the ‘rose window’ on the south wall. That window is pictured here, beneath the smoking window, the large window beneath. Why is this window so important to me? At the center of this stained glass window if you look close, you will see the quatrefoil image at the center of this window. This is where the inspiration for the Leadership Vision logo comes from. An image that represents a place of life and peace, a place of freedom and future, a place of meaning and belonging, a place where the world comes together. And, most importantly a place where we are surrounded by those we know and trust, a place where our faith / belief / purpose is central to all we do.

Brian Schubring

Your Logos and Metaphors

We would love to hear what symbol you come up with to represent your team or organization. Please do reach out, email Brian or click the contact link in the show notes. We’d also love to do a follow-up episode, so if you’re interested in being recorded, we might reach out to you. It’s always encouraging to hear stories and other voices about how teams function and get their strength.

About The Leadership Vision Podcast

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