What is Leadership Vision Consulting?

Millions of people have taken StrengthsFinder, and the question remains, “Now what?” People wonder,

How can StrengthsFinder have a sustaining and meaningful impact?

More than 95% of our clients have already taken SF, and hired someone else to help them work with it. Yet something didn’t stick. Our clients come to us asking the above question.

What We Specialize In

We are a strengths based consulting firm specializing in leadership consulting and architecting strengths based organization culture. We provide a relational and intentional strategy—it is through relationship that we can best serve the needs of our clients. We develop a personalized and highly customized approach to applying StrengthsFinder that promotes strong people, strong teams and strong culture.

Since 2000, Leadership Vision has provided strengths based leadership and organizational consulting to all sectors of business, education, technology, health care and non profits.

The Leadership Vision team has worked with more than

Our Approach to Applying StrengthsFinder

We are distinct in four ways:

1. We believe StrengthsFinder is Descriptive not Prescriptive

StrengthsFinder is descriptive. It describes areas of greatest potential and points us in the direction of greatest capacity. SF is not prescriptive, you cannot predetermine from strengths alone the best profession or personality or cultural fit.

2. We believe StrengthsFinder is Generative not Generic

Strengths are generative. This idea of generative is part of our core beliefs and practice. By generative we mean that a strength produces life in you and in others. Without this life-generating characteristic, a strength is actually just a theme—generic in describing who you are.

3. We believe StrengthsFinder needs an Environment not an Event

Strengths come to life in the right environment, not simply through a single event. Like a plant, strengths need to be planted, take root and grown in the right environment.

4. We believe StrengthsFinder is Transformative not Transactional

StrengthsFinder is a transformative tool if given time to develop your talents.
Talents aren’t developed through a transactional process, “Here are your top 5 strengths.”

For 7 years I worked in partnership with Gallup. During this time, one of the creators of StrengthsFinder was my mentor. He taught me 2 critical lessons that we apply to this day.

  1. Talents, not strengths. “The key to StrengthsFinder is talents, talents, talents.”
  2. Give It Away. The Second lesson really got my attention, and has had a lasting impact on me and has shaped the character of Leadership Vision Consulting. He said, “Take everything you have learned, and give it away. Keep nothing to yourself. StrengthsFinder is too big to hold onto.”

We want to use StrengthsFinder to create a relational and intentional strategy to establish a strengths based organizational culture.