Five Things That Lead to Team Health (podcast)

Welcome to the next installment of the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of CliftonStrengths.

Today on the podcast, Brian Schubring and I are talking about why we spend so much time focused on teams. We unpack five things that are incredibly important to team health. It’s our why; why we do this work. When we work with groups, we help them move through normal dynamics and functions that every team experiences. We also want teams to put into practice some lessons that we’ve learned on how teams function well together.

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Keep listening to understand better five things that will help your team thrive.

Why Focus on Teams?

We think teams are critical for moving the mission of their organization forward. It’s also only within a team context that each of us can have a good understanding of who we are as people.

When a team gets the chance to focus inwardly on who each person is, they begin to mine all the different layers of those individuals, and in turn, understand makes that team function. That work can also identify the key elements as to why the team might be struggling or why the team breaks down sometimes when specific topics or tasks come up.

In this episode of the podcast, Brian shares five elements for team health, and why we’ve chosen to focus on them. There’s something here that you might be able to take back to your team right away and try to implement. As always, if you’d like help, or have questions, CONTACT US!

Five Important Aspects for Team Health

Below are the five things we do with teams, and a brief quote of explanation from Brian. Listen to the episode to hear a more detailed description of each.

1. Taking an Observational Approach

Pan back and watch yourself function on the team watch yourself like have an out of body experience you could say like just watch yourself from above.

2. Identifying patterns of active and reactive participation.

Are you actively engaging your team. Is that your preference or is your preference to react to what’s going on with the team and that each one of us as individuals has preferred patterns of how we interact.

3. Understanding that teams are a collection of people with needs.

everybody has a social, emotional, and relational need that they’re seeking to have met on a team.

4. Discovering patterns of team health.

whether we consider our team healthy or unhealthy I believe that every member of a team can say here are some patterns of health that we have or here are some patterns of health that we should aspire to.

5. Ongoing personal and professional development.

whenever a team comes together there is an unrecognized element of personal and professional development that could be happening.

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