Use These 5 Questions to Become a More Courageous Person

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In this episode, Melissa Hyatt, and I talk about courage and give you some tools to help you find a little courage of your own. We use five courage questions to help you think deeply and critically and lean into whatever challenges you’re facing. These versatile and helpful questions are designed to be used on a team with people you lead, with your family, or internally with yourself. Enjoy!

Five Courage Questions

We thought it would be very timely and helpful for all of us to go through five questions about courage and really wrestle with them to find out what courage looks like for you at this moment. The five questions are: What brought you here? What are your fears or concerns? What would success look like? What support do you need? and What boundaries need to be put in place?

Ask these questions whenever something is difficult or you need clarity around something and how you’re going to show up.

1. What brought you here?

This question is about identifying the issue. It’s asking, what are we actually fighting about? What is your real fear? What’s the root of the problem?

2. What are your fears and concerns?

Defining your fears and concerns gives more clarity to a situation. When you don’t recognize your fears or concerns, you tend to operate out of them. This question asks, what story are you making up about a situation based on your fears or concerns?

3. What would make this successful?

When you can define success for yourself in realistic terms, it helps clarify your goals in any given situation and makes them more attainable or up close. Asking yourself this question checks ego and can help get you out of a negative spiral.

4. What support do you need?

What support do you need to be successful? When we’re not clear about what we need, we leave everybody on the hook around us to figure it out.

5. What boundaries need to be put in place?

This question asks, what boundaries do you need in order to show up in this situation and make it successful?

What Does Courage Look Like For You in this Moment?

We really encourage people, especially leaders and people of influence, to work through these five questions and ask themselves what courage looks like in this moment. How do you clarify and focus on what you can do in any given situation? Connect with me at We’d love to hear from you!

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