Aeritae Consulting Group Testimonial

Below is a testimonial from one of our multi-year clients: Aeritae Consulting Group in St. Paul, Minnesota. We have been working with them for several years to build a strengths based culture within their organization. The following excerpt was written by Michael Finlon, COO and co-owner.

We at the Aeritae Consulting Group value StrengthsFinder and we strongly believe in the benefit it can have to our company, our employees and our clients. A study by the Gallup Organization has found the following:

Our most recent research suggests that 29% of the U.S. workforce is actively engaged, 55% is not engaged, and 16% is actively disengaged…. If 55% of all U.S. workers are not engaged, and 16% are actively disengaged, then 71% of the Americans who go to work every day aren’t engaged in their role. So American businesses are operating at one third of their capacity. Think about that: What if only one third of a bank’s branches opened each day? What if only one third of a manufacturing company’s machines operated at capacity every day? The lost opportunity is obvious — but so is the opportunity for growth, if you can move your employees from the “not engaged” to the “engaged” category.
Engaged employees produce more, they make more money for the company, they create emotional engagement with the customers they serve, and they create environments where people are productive and accountable. We also know that engaged employees stay with the organization longer and are much more committed to quality
and growth than the other two groups.

We set some lofty goals for our business and we want to see what will happen if we get the engagement level to 100%! You may think that the bar has been set too high. I believe the bar is set at the right level, if we want to be impactful as an organization, if you want to be part of an impactful team and if you want to have a positive impact on others at work and outside of work, than I believe 100% engagement is the only goal for us to have. As we have embarked upon the journey of becoming a Strengths-Based organiza0on, you will have a chance to learn what it means to understand your talents and those of others and how when those talents are used in a genera0ve way they can transform individuals, teams and whole companies.