4 Ways to have more productive Self-Reflection

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We each have a unique perspective that shapes our approach to collaboration, communication, dealing with conflict, navigating change, acting with courage, or expressing compassion. We also have a nearly unlimited number of factors that influence our perspective. And if we want to be successful (however we each define it) in navigating those big topics, we need a process for self-reflection that will help us understand how those factors are influencing our perspectives.

While it may seem daunting, it actually doesn’t take much for a culture to corral people’s perspectives to create an environment that cultivates interpersonal respect, collective motivation, and overall well-being. A better process of self-reflection is one way to get your team to this place.

Today on the podcast, Brian Schubring and I will be talking about four things to consider when doing self-reflection on any topic. We invite you to consider your perspective of attitude, acceptance, alternative, and action each time you pause to reflect. These simple things can open our minds to different ways of reflecting to influence and change our perspectives.

The Four A’s


As you reflect, consider your attitude as it relates to the topic. For example, how is your attitude impacted by the people around you? What is the general attitude of this sort of situation within your culture? Reflecting on your general positive or negative attitude will help you better understand how you reflect and ultimately grow.


Here we are talking about acceptance of our abilities, inabilities, strengths, and weakness. Once we can accept those things, we narrow our focus and become more engaged in whatever is in front of us.

But this can be hard to do! Sometimes we accept the narrative being told to us and do not accept the counter-narrative we could be telling ourselves. We’ve met enough people that have lived their lives within the confines of a counter-narrative to their own ability. So we’re challenging you to accept your story and live out of the true narrative that is your life.


Self-Reflection creates an alternative. It creates a fork in the road, a decision to choose a different path, and that alternative can be incredibly life-giving, and it can also be incredibly frustrating.

At any given moment, especially a moment that has caused us to pause and do some self-reflection, we have the opportunity to consider an alternative. Each of these moments of reflection presents us with a welcomed or unwelcomed surprising alternative to how we’ve been thinking, doing, feeling, or being. This alternative then invites a response from us: it, many times, forces action.


Once we are aware that there may be an alternative way of thinking, doing, feeling, or being, self-reflection gives us the opportunity to do something differently. It might be the discontinuing of one thing for the beginning of another thing. And that’s really where action can be generative.

We can look at this new action as the beginning of something new, a new practice, or renewing our attitude and accepting the alternatives. Which then invites us to further reflection.

Your Reflection

Don’t be afraid to step into the process of self-reflection. It inevitably invites change, which isn’t something to fear. Rather than fearing being carried away by the currents of this process of self-reflection, embrace them and allow it to carry you to a better, stronger place.

As you enter into your own process of self-reflection, share your journey with us!

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