This online course will guide you through a process of Reflection, Observation, and Application, as you experience the Leadership Vision approach to StrengthsFinder™ and begin creating your own personal narrative around Strengths. Through our experiences over 16 years, with 32,000 people, 350 organizations in 33 countries – we will help you tap into your greatest potential.

Our virtual consultants will guide you through 6 online modules, unpacking our unique approach to Strengths – at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or office.

Our team will help you lay a foundation for an understanding of our approach by focusing on your unique StrengthsFinder™ profile, through videos and activities, to apply your Strengths personally and professionally.

Want to go deeper? After completing the course, enroll in a 1 or 3 session conversation with one of our consultants around your unique StrengthsFinder™ profile.


  • Brian Schubring

    Brian Schubring

    Brian is the Founder and President of Leadership Vision Consulting. He bring 27 years of leadership experience within the private sector, education, and business. In the past fifteen years he has worked with over 16,000 individuals in more than 350 organizations globally. Brian has done extensive consulting, team building and coaching with individuals for the purpose of building strong people, strong team and strong organizational culture.
  • Aleasha Morris

    Aleasha Morris

    Aleasha is an educational leader. Her professional career has spanned 15 years and 4 countries. Having held teaching, school counseling and leadership roles, Aleasha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of training, development and organizational strategy. Her experience in both the public and private education sectors gives her a unique insight into the structure and culture of schools.
  • Linda Schubring

    Linda Schubring

    As a consultant with Leadership Vision since 2008, Dr. Linda Schubring brings heart and soul to each engagement with individuals, teams, or cultures. She particularizes people and is a charismatic communicator. Linda leads out of her emotional intelligence and is fueled with passion for people to find their voice and unique contribution to groups, teams, and the world whether they are educators, business professionals, or life-long learners.


You must have completed the Gallup StrengthsFinder™ and have your top 5 Strengths to begin.


5 Theme Videos

Theme Print Worksheets

Followup Activities

90 Day Access


5 Theme Videos

Theme Print Worksheets

1 Strengths Conversation with a Consultant

Followup Activities

120 Day Access


5 Theme Videos

Theme Print Worksheets

3 Strengths Conversations with a Consultant

Followup Activities

6 Month Access


In addition to getting access to The Strengths Course, we have two options to have Strengths Conversations with members of our team. Each conversation will be 45 – 60 minutes in length, and conducted via phone or video chat. We will assign you time with one of our consultants based on availability.

Option A

1 Strengths Conversation

During this conversation, your Strengths consultant will get to know a bit about who you are. This will be a follow-up conversation once you have completed the Strengths Course.

We will help you process what you have learned there, and begin to identify some behaviors around your most dominant Themes of Strength.


Option B

3 Strengths Conversations

The FIRST conversation will consist of getting to know you, your background and personal and professional contexts.

The SECOND conversation will be about your Strengths. We will listen for behaviors inherent to your Themes.

The THIRD conversation will give you a snapshot of our learnings, and suggestions how to implement those into your current context.


Strong People, Teams and Culture – 15 minutes.

How Are We Different: The Leadership Vision Approach – 10 minutes.

StrengthsFinder™ Introduction – 5 minutes.

Your Strengths Videos – 30 minutes.

What is a ThemePrint & Your ThemePrint Profile – 20 minutes.

Conclusion – 5 minutes.


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