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13 million people have taken StrengthsFinder™- are you one of them?

90% of our clients come to us with previous strengths training, yet still want more.

16 Years

16 Years

In 1999, we began working with StrengthsFinder. Since the beginning of the strengths movement, we continue to extend the conversation about what is right with people.

30,000 People

30,000 People

We have worked with more than 30,000 people, helping individuals understand their unique strengths, how they influence others and how they shape culture.

350 Orgs

350 Orgs

We have worked with over 350 different organizations, in every sector, in multiple industries, big and small, corporate and non-profit.

27 Countries

27 Countries

We are an international firm and are not afraid to travel! We have worked in over 27 countries around the globe.

Our Focus

We use StrengthsFinder™ to build strong people, teams and culture.

Our Approach

We take a behavior based approach to the understanding and application of StrengthsFinder™ that is…


Our Strategy

We provide relational and intentional strategies that are educational, experiential, and personal to promote a strengths based culture.

Our Objective

We strive to provide a behavior based understanding of individuals, a clarity to team dynamics, and the necessary resources to sustain a strengths based organizational culture.


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