What We’re Focusing on at Leadership Vision in 2022

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a Strengths-Based approach to people, teams, and culture.

In this episode, Linda and Nathan talk about some of the changes we’ve experienced in the last two years, and how Leadership Vision has changed in 2022. We discuss what we are focusing on in the new year and how we can help you and your team in 2022.

What We’re Focusing on in 2022

We’re starting to reimagine a new way to integrate with our clients. A new way to integrate some of the things that we’ve been thinking about, learning, researching, and acting on.

Our new tagline for 2022 is: Investing in leaders to help teams align on purpose.

When we look to 2022 at Leadership Vision, we want to define a leader as a person of influence who is taking some sort of action or making an impact.

We define the word team as anyone a leader has invited to the table. We are a part of so many different teams that we either don’t think we should be a part of, or worthy to be a part of, but the fact that someone has invited us to whatever metaphorical table, means that we belong there. We are part of the team.

Work with Us

When we think about teams and leaders, there are two questions that help define who might be a good fit to work with us and who we are looking to work with. The first one is the people that might be asking this question:

How do I deepen my wisdom and application of strengths?

Clifton Strengths has been around for decades now. And there’s a staying power. We know it’s a scientific tool. It’s a global tool. It isn’t just a Western tool. And so there are people that have taken it. They’re bumping into new material. And so when people are asking, how do I deepen my wisdom and application of Strengths? We want to say, where are your people?

The second one is the people who are asking,

How do I invest in my people and team in a different way?

In 2022, we’re continuing to do what we have always done and that is taking our clients on a journey of discovering more about who they are. Are you looking for ways to invest in your people and teams? We want to work with you!

The journey of Strengths with us isn’t about memorizing a bunch of words and trying to figure out how to act on them. We really go deep by asking, what do you want to be about? What does that look like in you when you pair with another person? What kind of synergy happens there? And the kind of conversations that we’ve been stirring that will be continuing in 2022 is to help people enjoy their life more. We really feel like it’s a calling. And a calling that happens in community.

Connect with Us

Are you looking to deepen your wisdom and application of Strengths? or want to invest in your teams in a different way? Connect with us!

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