Welcome Our New Team Members!

In 2016, Leadership Vision experienced our greatest year of growth to date. We were humbled and grateful for the amount of work we accomplished, but also somewhat overwhelmed. After quite a bit of internal evaluation, we determined that we needed to expand our team.

As with everything we do at Leadership Vision, we take a relational and intentional approach to bringing on new team members. First, we build relationships to understand if there is a cultural fit; we want to find people who align with the values Leadership Vision holds of personal development, team member, servant leader, and family first.

With these things in mind, we decided to center on building out our business relationships and network with an intentionally Midwest focus. In doing so, we hope to find new opportunities to support our existing clients and create “clients for life,” as well as continue to invest in future generations. Our new hires focus on who are we locally, who we are to our clients, and who we are for the future.

We are thrilled to announce Jeff Meacham as our new Business Development Executive, Sara Schlipp-Riedel as Director of Client Relations, and Logan Joyce as a new consultant.

Below are brief bios on each of them. Stay tuned for their blog posts in the weeks to come.

Jeff Meacham, Business Development Executive

Jeff has spent 20 years as a business development executive, recruiter, and community engagement leader with organizations from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. His experience has positioned him perfectly to help Leadership Vision build relationships and continue to expand our reach within the Midwest. Aside from the high caliber of professional experience Jeff brings to Leadership Vision, he also brings a relational nature, curiosity, disposition to learn, and track record of success. Of joining the team, Jeff says, “I’ve known Leadership Vision for years, and I knew their passion and commitment to relationships. Being asked to join the team and to bring my own passion for intentional relationship building is a great blessing!”

Based on our current annual growth rate, we have realized now more than ever, a high priority of our focus needs to be on how to continue expanding our business presence within our local sector.

Logan Joyce, Consultant

Logan was added to our team because we have a value and focus on developing the next generation of leaders; those entering the workforce for the first time. Logan is not only able to speak to the millennial generation, but also to those who influence the millennial generation. His intergenerational voice, coupled with his curiosity about life and passion to help people grow, have already made him an invaluable member to our team.

“I count it a great privilege to join this amazing team at Leadership Vision,” says Logan. “In a world often disconnected and focused on what’s lacking, Leadership Vision is second to none in intentionally developing strong relational teams according to what’s good about people.”

Sara Schlipp-Riedel, Director of Client Relations

Sara represents a hire for the future. At Leadership Vision, we believe we are known for many things, including our Strengths expertise. One of our areas of intentional focus is  to be known for exceptional client care, as much as we’re known for our consulting work. Our goal is to cultivate “clients for life.” Sara’s expansive background in Institutional Advancement will help us understand how we influence our relationships and every aspect of our work.

Sara was our first apprentice back in 2015 and then acted as a consultant for two years before joining the team full-time. Sara says, “Joining the Leadership Vision team in a full-time capacity is dream come true! As Director of Client Relations, I have the opportunity to leverage what I have loved most in each of the roles I have served over the last 10+ years. Ensuring we keep our promise to be Relational and Intentional through a client-centric approach is my mission.”

Welcome to Our New Team!

We are proud to be expanding the team of people within Leadership Vision. Jeff, Logan, and Sara all come to Leadership Vision with an expertise in their given areas. The three of them join the rest of the team to further our company presence, expand our relational interactions, and invest in our future. Not only will they help us continue the conversation around Strengths, but they will enable us to push it to places it hasn’t been before.

Please help us welcome Jeff, Logan, and Sara!