Webinar Replay: Growing your Team Using Strengths

Leadership Vision is hosting live webinars in 2017! In our most recent webinar, Joseph and I had the opportunity to talk about one of his blog posts, 3 Things any Manager can do to Grow a Team using StrengthsFinder. The post focused on helping a team to become highly productive, operate out of their Strengths, and ultimately grow in the process.

Joseph has extensive experience working and leading teams and offers a few very helpful examples.

In the conversation below, we talked about three things that any leader can do to help their team. Here are the highlights:

Have conversations with your people!

  • Even if you are new to Strengths language, use this as an opportunity to grow.
  • Grab a StrengthsFinder book, or our own 34 Theme descriptions, and have intentional conversations with your people, asking questions about how they see their Themes at work.
  • Ask open-ended questions such as, “Where have you seen your Strengths at play in the last month? What Strength fits you best? Why? What Strength can get in your own way at times? Why do you think that it does? What can you do about it?”

Make Strengths Language Common

  • Open staff meetings with a simple Strengths question or prompt. “Where have you seen one of your co-workers’ Strengths at play in the last month?”
  • Create visuals around the office to help display everyone’s Strengths.

Create a Teaching Culture

  • Use visual aides to describe a Theme of Strength.
  • Ask individuals to teach their own, and the Themes of others, in a comfortable group setting. It’s like a “show-n-tell” for Strengths.

Watch our conversation below, then reach out to us if you have more specific questions or want clarification.