The Importance of Understanding Everyone Has Strength

Sometimes when working on a team, it can be difficult to see what makes your colleagues unique. Often it is our differences that get between us, but those same differences is what will make an organization flourish.

From the very beginning, from my first introduction to StrengthsFinder, I was immediately captured by this one guiding principle – everyone has strength. This single, foundational element of StrengthsFinder is perhaps the greatest value and motivation in why we do what we do at Leadership Vision.

We seek to see people in their strength. In seeing all people with strength, we also encourage people to contribute and influence in their unique areas of strength, whether in front of others or in support of others.

Our most simple objective to each engagement is this: if we can influence your perspective of others just enough, to consider that all people are strong, we have made a difference.

Why is this Important?

Because all people are equal, all have potential, all contribute and influence, all have the potential to live lives of meaning and significance. StrengthsFinder levels the playing field. It validates each person for who they are. Strengths reveal a way to see how all perspectives are true, all visions are should be heard, and all individuals have potential for generative influence.

Why Using Strengths is Important

Most of us shop at a supermarket for food to feed ourselves and families. The food is purchased, brought home, and stored. But just knowing there is food in our refrigerator is not enough. We need to do something with the food to make a meal ready to eat.

Food doesn’t prepare itself. Neither do strengths.

With strengths, we need to actually take strengths and use them, try them out, practice them. Whenever we use our strengths, we add knowledge and experiences to shape and focus their the usefulness and life giving potential.

Now, let’s look at the picture…

The boxes are recognizable as Crayola crayons, unopened, ‘Preferred by Teachers‘. Some of the crayon boxes are in front and in focus, while other boxes are further back and out of focus.

For many, discovering strengths resembles these characteristics: some strengths are recognized, some in focus, others are not. And for others, this is as far as they go with strengths.

Some people and organizations prioritize certain strengths as more important than others and ‘move them toward the front.’ Some strengths are misunderstood and remain out of focus, moved toward the back. Unintentionally, these practices influence how people accept their strengths and ultimately how they perceive and accept their value.

Why does LVC engage in strengths the way that we do? Why do we take a patient, personal and purposeful approach? So that everyone has a chance to receive their strengths, to gain an understanding of how their strengths are unique, and to comprehend how much  potential they have for influence, added meaning, and significance to their lives.

Your Strengths at Work

What strengths do you have that are in focus, and in front? Are they the same strengths valued by your organization? How are you able to use them on a daily basis?