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In this episode, I get to communicate with my colleague Amy Rollinger. Now you may remember, Amy is the newest member of our team and because of the pandemic, we haven’t really had much of an opportunity to get to know one another and learn each other’s patterns and preferences for communication. In this episode, I thought that we would take a step back from our team engagement series and use some of the tools that we’ve been sharing with you to better understand each other’s patterns and preferences around communication.

Amy and I ask and answer some questions of each other related to the way that we prefer to communicate. Not only to better understand one another live time here in front of you, but also we hope to give you some examples of how you might do this with a person on your team, your entire organization, or even in your family or other personal relationships.

Understanding Communication Preferences & Patterns

Saying that communication is important is almost the definition of cliche, but it’s also a hundred percent true. Now we’re always communicating something in some form, whether we know it or not. And the way we communicate is incredibly unique and dynamic, and it also leaves plenty of room for interpretation by the person or people on the receiving end. So how well do you know how you communicate and how well do you know the way that those on your team communicate?

We believe that everyone has established patterns and preferences when it comes to communication. When working with teams around this topic, one of the first things that we do here at leadership vision is to help people understand those patterns and preferences so that they can use those to effectively communicate with others. And as we’ve also said before, if you can better understand how you’re communicating, you’ll be more effective at engaging others.

Four Questions About Communication

We use six C’s in our team engagement sessions: communication, conflict, collaboration, change, compassion, and courage. In this podcast episode, we focus on the first C, Communication, and experiment with how you can use four questions to figure out how we have better, more effective human communication. Amy and I discuss the following questions in depth and we invite you to explore more about yourself and the members of your team with these four questions.

  1. Name the audiences where you communicate on a regular basis.
  2. What are your communication preferences?
  3. What styles are you strongest at?
  4. How does your communication style bring life to others?

Your Communication Preferences

We would love to hear some of your reflections on your communication preferences. What did the four questions about communication bring up for you? What did they bring up for your team? And what have you learned about each other? Connect with me at

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