How Have Your Strengths Changed Over Time? (podcast)

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a strengths-based approach to people, teams, and culture. On this episode of the podcast, we feature a new monthly series of Strengths Based questions. They’re designed to help you reflect on how your Strengths have shaped who you are and provide a single action step you can take to better understand your capacity for greatest influence.

If you remember our preview episode, we’re going to feature a new question every month alongside a live Facebook Chat where we can interact live. It’s difficult to accomplish anything without healthy reflection and processing with others. Check our Facebook page for the next chat date and time.

This Episode’s Question

How have your Strengths changed over time?

As you think about this question, consider the following:

  • Are there certain aspects of your Strengths that have become noticeably sharper?
  • Do you understand what environments and contexts bring out your Strengths the most?
  • Can you sense which situations allow you to be fully present and engaged with your Strengths and which situations do the opposite?
  • Is there anything that’s become unclear or confusing related to your Strengths as time has gone on?

Think back a few years, maybe to when you first took the CliftonStrengths assessment. What has changed for you as you reflect on who you are today? Think of specific examples of how your Strengths have been able to generate life in you and those you encounter on a daily basis. If you’re brand new to this language of Strengths, perhaps you can reflect on an aspect of your character and personality that has changed over time.

Action Steps

After you’ve spent some time thinking about how your Strengths have changed over time, focus on the positive ways in which they have changed; the ways in which you have become more self-aware and honed in on those Strengths.

  • Can you narrow it down to one thing?
  • Can you repeat that one thing and make it more of a habit?

Where do you need, or want, to invest your energy so you can replicate the parts of your Strengths that have changed for the better over time? Jot down your thoughts and share them with a friend, then see if you can put yourself in those situations more often

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