On the Importance of Rest

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Perhaps now more than ever, you’re feeling worn out. The demands of working from home while maybe also taking care of kids, and trying to manage life amidst a pandemic, can be downright exhausting. If we’re not careful, we’ll burn out and cause damage to ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, or relationally.

Today on the podcast we’ll be talking with Brian and Linda Schubring about how to make intentional interruptions in our lives to break the flow and monotony. We’ll talk about how that can give us the chance or space to unravel some of the knots that have have been tied around these global and national events. We hope this will remind us of who we are and what we need to flourish in these challenging times. We don’t accidentally get healthy and feel rested. It takes intentionality, discipline, and focus.

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Rest and rejuvenation looks a bit different for each person. And while it’s important to discover what works for you (especially during this unusual time), here are a few things we discuss that have worked for us:

  • Personal daily practice
  • Relational practices
  • Taking the time to understand what you can and cannot control. From there, use what is in your control to build rest into your day
  • Inviting others into intentional practices of rest
  • Understanding our personal capacities
  • Expanding the definition of productivity

We also think it’s important to stress that this isn’t about finding balance. Life isn’t about holding all of our responsibilities in perfect alignment. Some people like to think of it as a teeter-totter – where you’re running back and forth, trying to not let either end hit the ground. Rather, we talk about how it’s more like one of those mobiles you may see in a childs bedroom. There are constant pushes and pulls on every aspect of our life. Sometimes we get a little out of wack and unbalanced. What we’re advocating for is figuring out what it is that helps us slowly return to a neutral state as often as we can.

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