Learning How to Listen: Understanding the 1to1 Conversation (Podcast)

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a strengths-based approach to people, teams, and culture.

The 1 to 1 conversation is the foundation of everything we do when building strong teams. If you want your team to operate at the highest levels, first you need to understand your team members. By extension then, it’s good for them to understand themselves.

At Leadership Vision, the way we help teams and organizations understand who they are and what they’re good at is by starting with a one to one conversation.

Our clients recognize that the 1 to 1 conversation is a key differentiator for Leadership Vision. This 45-60 minute conversation is meant to stretch your thinking and challenge your assumptions. It also shines the light on how you can use your strengths positively to impact and influence others.

But at the core of these conversations is the story of each individual person. Their hopes, fears, dreams, desires, family background and cultural context. You’d be amazed by how powerful it can be to simply listen to another person tell their story. By paying attention and asking thoughtful questions to move the story along, the 1 to 1 conversation can be a catalyst for deeper introspection, greater self-awareness, and personal acceptance.  While the magnitude of this individual growth and change is immeasurable and sometimes unknown, it is undeniably profound.

On this episode of the podcast, Brian Schubring and I talk about how to have a conversation with someone that helps them better understand how they are wired within the context of their Strengths and their story. Brian and I talk about his earliest days of learning from the original Strengths Guru’s, how he has tweaked and modified those lessons over the years, and why it’s so important to listen and not insert yourself into someone else’s story.

I believe that every time I write something down I’m capturing another nuance of what that Strength might look like to help somebody else. But it comes from listening… just listening and writing.

Brian Schubring

If you’re not someone who uses your Strengths for anything aside from your 60-minute personal growth and development, tune in anyway! While this episode is rooted in the world of Strengths and perhaps seems only for Strengths professionals, there’s some very practical advice for anyone interested in having more interesting conversations at your next team off-site, family gathering, or awkward school fundraiser.

About the Leadership Vision Podcast

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