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Can you remember what it was like to look for a new opportunity? Can you remember that first day on the job and what it was like to onboard at a new company, whether it was maybe trial by fire or a well-executed 90-day plan? Or perhaps can you remember what it was like when you sought to weave a new employee into your culture?

Like many organizations, 2020 was a marker of change in Leadership Vision history. Not only did our work change to become nearly all virtual engagements, but our client needs also changed and the makeup of our team was reshaped over the year. By the fall of 2020, it was clear that Brian and Linda needed someone to be our main point of contact to execute all of our behind-the-scenes work.

We have great processes and documentation and this new person, whoever it was going to be, would need to be standing on the shoulders of those who had come before and helped shape Leadership Vision over the last two decades. Someone who could grow with us into this new season. The great news is that we found that someone: Amy Rollinger. Amy was a cultural fit, a values fit, and exactly what we need in this season.

In this episode, we introduce Amy Rollinger, our wonderful new colleague who joined our team a little over four months ago (at the time of recording). We talk about those first few months on the job and what makes our onboarding process different at Leadership Vision. Whether you’re someone looking to make your own job shift or career change, or a manager who wants to know how to onboard someone in an effective way, this episode will be really helpful for you. Enjoy!

How We Onboard at Leadership Vision

Onboarding refers to the mechanisms through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective organizational members and insiders. It’s also known as organizational socialization. Below, Amy shares her experience onboarding at Leadership Vision and what we emphasize in our onboarding process.


I was fortunate enough that the individuals who came before me were very organized, kept great notes, and were kind enough to make sure that there was a document that I could follow for everything. This made the onboarding process straightforward and less overwhelming.


Brian and Linda made time to meet and connect every day, especially since we’ve been working virtually through Zoom. In the beginning, we met twice a day, every Monday, and sometimes more often than that. They were very intentional about creating time and space to work together. At times, we were literally on a Zoom call with a document that we were both working in and we talked through it just like we would if we were in a conference room.

Personal Connection

They were also certain to connect with me as an individual. Brian and Linda learned more about me, my family, and who I am outside of work in almost every conversation we had. Those intentional conversations gave a sense of being connected as people and communicated that they care about me as an individual. When we feel that connection, we want more of it. Together we’re connecting and therefore performing and learning more about each other, which makes us better together and the outcomes of our work more positive and more beneficial to everyone.


Brian and Linda are living the Strengths they talk to people about in their sessions, and that makes a big difference. They understand their own Strengths and are also able to see mine.

Clear Expectations

The best relationships have matched expectations. I felt like going into this new position, I truly understood what Brian and Linda needed from me and how they are willing to work with me.

Intentional Success

Intentional organization, time, personal connection, and clear expectations in the onboarding process can really make a difference. Brian and Linda talk about being intentional in their Strengths sessions and they truly are intentional in their onboarding process. In doing so, they’ve onboarded Amy in a healthy, comfortable way so that she feels like she can succeed, and everyone can succeed together.

How Do You Onboard New Employees?

What is the onboarding process like in your organization? How do you bring someone new into your company in a new or different way? We’d love to hear from you and learn more. Send us an email to or connect with us on social media, or comment on this blog.

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