How to Go Deeper in your Strengths Knowledge

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In this episode, we discuss our new and improved Strengths Communicator Training. Our next cohort is starting this summer and we would love for you to join us! Brian, Linda, and I discuss what this training is all about and why you should consider going deeper in your knowledge of Strengths with the Strengths Communicator Training. Enjoy!

What is the Strengths Communicator Training?

Our Strengths Communicator Training is for Strengths professionals who want to enhance their skills in order to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strengths. At the conclusion, you will learn how to lead others through a 1 to 1 StrengthsFinder conversation around their top five themes of Strength. The training consists of four days of in-person (or virtual) training. The time between the two sessions of training will be used for you to complete your “Strengths Conversations” as well as an opportunity to check-in with members of our team.

Three Goals of the Strengths Communicator Training

We have three main objectives with our Strengths Communicator Training. They are to:

  • Be part of the global conversation about what is right with people. Our first goal is to be a part of the global conversation about what is right about people. When you are part of this global conversation about what is right about people, it changes everything. It’s a mindset that you listen with, but also from what you speak with.
  • Learn the Strengths-based language. Our second goal of the Strengths Communicator Training is to learn the strengths-based language. Learning the strengths-based language being proficient in the language of strength. That, that is, that is part of the fundamentals that we talked about.
  • Correct misinterpretations and misperceptions about Strengths. Our third goal is really important. It’s to correct misinterpretations and misperceptions about strengths and how Strengths are displayed in others.

4 Days of Strength Communicator Training

What does a 4-day Strengths Communicator Training look like? We take a relational and intentional approach in with our Strength Communicator Training cohorts. Here’s a brief breakdown of our four days together:

Day 1: Education

In the first couple of days of training, we want to help people create a relationship with each other and a relationship with the content. Our first two days together truly end up being a lot of education, instruction and looking at the true behavioral uniquenesses of every one of your Strengths.

Day 2: Practicum

On day two, we get a little more practical and begin to practice what it looks like, and how you prepare for 1 to 1 Strengths conversations. A lot of the second day is practicing with each other, each member of the cohort, practicing one-to-one conversations with each other so that by the time day two is over, all participants are ready to conduct 12 one-to-one strengths conversations with each other.

Interim: Check-in

After the first two days of the training, we do a midterm check-in to ask participants about their practice. We ask things like, what are you doing? How many conversations have you had? What’s going well and what’s not going well in their practice? We really want to identify and encourage everyone’s unique style on how they’re doing the 1 to 1 conversation.

Days 3 & 4: Presentations and Best Practices

On days three and four all participants do what we call a “teach-back” where they come prepared to teach the cohort what they have learned in one of their 1 to 1 conversations. We make sure that the presentations are different each day because we want to enhance different types of learning to dive deeper into the material that our participants have gleaned from each other. It’s our intention to give cohort participants practice to look at the material in different ways to ask themselves different questions and show them how you can come to very different conclusions by simply having a one-hour conversation with someone.

In our final days of the training, every participant teaches someone back. We learn about Strengths. We learn about style. And we learn about delivery and questions, all together.

What Has Remained the Same?

We’ve revamped our Strengths Communicator Training to be new, improved, and even better than before but not everything has changed. Here a few things that have stayed the same about our Strengths Communicator Training:

The Gift of Training

Something that has never changed at Leadership Vision is that we were given the gift of understanding, knowing, and learning about Strengths. Brian, our CEO of Leadership Vision, was given the gift of learning about Strengths from the founders. We continue to ring out, give back, share, and multiply this knowledge by really investing in people.

A Behavior Based Approach

Another thing that has remained constant in the Strengths Communicator Training is the reflection of the origins of Strengths and the behavior based understanding of how people show up. One of the comments that we consistently get year after year after year is that we take a behavior-based approach to understanding and interpreting Strengths. We help people recognize the behaviors of others and connect them to their Strengths. This is what is really the core in our approach to Strengths Communicator Training.

What Has Changed?

While our core approaches to the Strengths Communicator Training have stayed the same, many things have changed. Here’s how we’ve revamped our offerings for 2021:

Knowledge From All Angles

The first thing that has changed is that we had a lot of educators that participated in our work. And so guess what? They helped us improve! They had great tips and great advice, and we’re really proud of the improvements to our content and the way it’s shared with others.

We’ve also started to ask people to come to the training with someone else from their organization or a person from their community or someone that they know well. This really opens to doors for real dialogue and meaningful conversations.

We’ve also invited people to think about how they can have 1 to 1 conversations within their own organizations. To share this work out to others and encourage a deeper knowledge of Strengths not just within one person of an organization, but within an entire organization. Our biggest goal in this work is to become co-collaborators with our participants to create best practices that they can then apply and create meaningful change in their lives and the lives of others.

A Focus on You

Our biggest shift is that we have moved to focus entirely on you. We want to highlight and shine a light on how the participants of the Strength Communicator Training do their 1 to 1 conversations, name the things they do, the unique delivery they bring, how they prepare their notes, or the questions they ask. So much of our dialogue in our sessions is around how everyone shows up, prepares, asks questions, and discerns the information. Our Strengths Communicator Training is an experience where the participants teach each other. This is critical at every step of the way.

Go Deeper In Your Knowledge of Strengths

The greatest takeaway for our Strengths Communicator Training participants is their heightened ability to listen. When people come to the training, they want to learn how to become a Strengths communicator and in turn a Strengths listener. Participants learn how to pay attention differently, be more attentive in a conversation, and how to use the language of Strengths to honor and dignify others and their unique core identities.

We’ve found over and over again that our Strengths Communicator Training leaves people with a greater understanding of what they need and where they need to invest their life. Don’t wait to go deeper in your knowledge of Strengths


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