Applying Strengths to Family of Origin (podcast)

Welcome to the next installment of the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of StrengthsFinder.

People use Strengths as one of many tools for self-understanding, personal growth, and professional development. Any journey to self-understanding needs to remember the beginnings; integrating where we come from; our family of origin. This can shed light on the pathway to our self-understanding.

On this episode of the Leadership Vision podcast, Brian Schubring and I talk about how to take our origin stories and frame them in ways that put them in their rightful place. To do this, we share five steps that will help us acknowledge the role our past has played in shaping our present, and future. We’ll also share some tips for giving it that appropriate place in our current life, so listen now!

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The Five Steps

Each of these five words indicates an action to take in reflecting on your strengths begun and evolved from our families of origin.

  1. Fight – Sometimes there is an unnecessary tension or an unnecessary rising of conflict that we tend to bring up because we’re fighting against how we’ve been raised. Recognize this tension for what it is and genuinely admit that some circumstances are going to have somewhat of a grip on you for your entire life.
  2. Forgive – Forgiveness is a concept that is an act and ask. An act of saying ‘I forgive you’ and an ask. Will you forgive me? There’s something in the process of asking for forgiveness. It is an equalizer; a level set is an opportunity for something to start again.
  3. Frame – People often frame an experience with their family that keeps them focused on who they were as a child and does not give them the opportunity to lead into and lean into being an adult. The idea of the frame is the idea of the framework of a house. The frame of a house is merely a structure; a structure upon which we can add, expand or build into something, that we can live within, around, and outside of.
  4. Fuel – Once you have created a framework, you have a choice on how to build that framework out. Stop fueling negative experiences from your past and instead, feed the good ones.
  5. Future – We can’t run very far from our family of origin. It’s not if we can break away from our origins but how are we going to build a future from that place. This is something that you can shape.

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