Why Build a Professional Network

Why am I inviting people to be a part of a professional network? The answer is easy: connection, community, collaboration.


Individuals are stronger when connected. I have made many connections through LinkedIn that I highly value. When we connect with each other, we form new relationships and have an opportunity to refine who we are. Like the links in a chain, when connected together, the individual links have more reach.


We are living and working within the same community. Within the community of Minneapolis and St. Paul, there are many people working with strengths in some way. Yet very few of us participate in community – sharing our experience, knowledge and expertise with each other. In community, an individual has a greater chance to hone his or her specialization and help others sharpen skills and focus. And in community, we can share stories and resources that will help others.


We have greater effectiveness and influence when collaborating. In collaboration we bring to community what we are best at for the benefit of our self and others. No one of us is the best at everything; yet, individuals can be the best at a few things. When we collaborate, we are pressing each other into place of greater application of one’s expertise, while relying heavily on others to do the same. In such a collaboration everyones reach expands. In collaboration we increase both the application and development of our unique skills and abilities.

So why do I invite people into a professional network? Because people need one another for a greater sense of self, well being and purpose. Together we are individually better – and together we will make a greater impact on the people, needs and causes all around us.

Q: What are your perceived benefits of a professional network?