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ThemePrint: A Unique Profile

In this lesson, Linda will discuss the ThemePrint. This is our way of visually representing the unique expression of the behaviors that constitute a strength.  It is a distinctive interpretation of your talents and can highlight the functional order of your strengths.

Time: approx 40 minutes total (includes video and all 5 worksheet activities).

After watching the video, it\’s time to complete your personal ThemePrints! Print out each of your Strengths below, and follow the instructions to complete your ThemePrint exercises.

ThemePrint Instructions

  1. After watching the video, click on each of your Strengths below and print out the ThemePrint exercises.
  2. For each Strength, read through the 14 talent descriptors. If a talent resonates strongly with you, fill in the corresponding numbered circle completely. If it does not seem to ‘fit’ you, leave it empty. If it seems to be somewhat or sometimes appropriate, fill it in partially.
  3. When you have completed all 5 ThemePrints, take a look to see which Strengths have the most and the least talent circles filled in. This represents their intensity.
  4. Place your Strengths in order of intensity from greatest to least.
  5. This placement will be your Functional Order. It may be different from the rank order you received in your results packet.

When finished, read through the questions below.

Completed ThemePrint Example
Completed ThemePrint Example


After completing your ThemePrint, did you notice a change in the order of your Strengths? What is your interpretation of this new Functional Order?


As you continue to explore your ThemePrint profile, do you see any Strengths that often work together? What do these Dominant Pairings look like for you?


Identify key people in your life whose feedback you value for personal and professional growth. What talents or behaviors do these people observe in you? How can these perspectives help you to leverage your Strengths?