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The New Strengths Course

BETA – Fall, 2018


Hi [wlm_firstname], welcome to the Leadership Vision Strengths Course! We’re thrilled you are taking the time to learn more about your themes of [wlm_custom sf1], [wlm_custom sf2], [wlm_custom sf3], [wlm_custom sf4], [wlm_custom sf5].

This online course will guide you through the Leadership Vision approach to StrengthsFinder™ and begin creating your own personal narrative around Strengths. Through our experiences over 19 years, with 35,000 people, 400 organizations in 33 countries – we will help you tap into your greatest potential.

Throughout this Course participants will:

  • Gain insight into their unique behaviors of Strength.
  • Choose an image they think is a visual representation of their Strengths.
  • Complete a customized ThemePrint packet.
  • Share their reflections and learnings with the cohort/ team in the final webinar.

Thank you for participating in the BETA version of the New Strengths Course. We ask that you take notes throughout each session so that you can provide us with constructive feedback at the end of the course. We’ll use that to tweak the course before the official launch.

Course Schedule Fall 2018 BETA Cohort

Sept 10, 2018

1-Hour Introductory Webinar

Sept 10-16, 2018

Watch your 5 Theme videos and complete ThemePrint activity

Sept 17-24, 2018

1-Hour conversation with a Leadership Vision Consultant

Sept 24-Oct 1, 2018

1-Hour follow-up conversation with a consultant

Oct 8, 2018

1-Hour Summary Webinar

Course Details

What You’ll be Doing

Throughout the Online Strengths Course, we will guide you through an intentional process that includes webinars, online modules, and 1 to 1 conversations with a Leadership Vision Consultant. These sessions are designed to extend your learning beyond a basic understanding of Strengths. Through an interactive process, our team will help you lay a foundation for understanding your unique StrengthsFinder™ profile and apply this learning both personally and professionally.

Step 1: Intro Webinar

You’ll need to register here NOW for the live webinar on September 10. Once registered, you will receive an email link with further instructions. This webinar will introduce you to the basic concept of Strengths, establish some new language, and help you understand our approach to Strengths.

Step 2: Watch Theme videos

These 5 videos will give you another perspective on your Themes of Strength. This is a great way to learn more about the talents and behaviors of each that resonate with you. It is also an opportunity to understand how they are generative to those around you. Watch them before completing your ThemePrint worksheets.

Step 3: Complete ThemePrint Worksheets

ThemePrint is our way of visually representing the unique expression of the behaviors that constitute a Strength. It is a distinctive interpretation of your talents and can highlight the functional order of your Strengths. Complete this before having your 1 to 1 conversation.

Step 4: 1 to 1 Conversations

As part of the course, you will have the opportunity to have two conversations with one of our consultants. During the first conversation, your Strengths consultant will get to know a bit about who you are. We will help you process what you are learning and begin to identify some behaviors around your most dominant Themes of Strength.

During the second conversation, you and your Strengths consultant will talk through two images you have both chosen to represent your Themes of Strength. Our goal is to help you begin to create a personal narrative around what makes you stand out.

Step 5: Final Webinar

Participate in the summary webinar on October 8! If you register for the first webinar, you are automatically registered for the second! The summary webinar will be an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned, and hear from others about what they have learned. After the webinar, we will ask for your feedback we can use to improve the course for future participants.

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