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Watch Your Strengths Videos

[wlm_firstname], in this lesson you will watch a short video for each of your themes of strength. This is a great way to learn more about the talents and behaviors of each that resonate with you. It is also an opportunity to understand how they are generative to those around you.

Time: approx 30 minutes.

After watching your Theme videos, apply the questions below to each one. It may be helpful to watch one at a time.

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[show_video_sc][wlm_custom sf1][/show_video_sc]

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[show_video_sc][wlm_custom sf2][/show_video_sc]

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[show_video_sc][wlm_custom sf3][/show_video_sc]

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[show_video_sc][wlm_custom sf4][/show_video_sc]

[wlm_custom sf5]

[show_video_sc][wlm_custom sf5][/show_video_sc]


What is your earliest memory of this Strength in action?


What do you notice about this Strength? Where is it Generative or Degenerative? Describe what it looks like for you in both a personal and professional context?


What are some things you can do to leverage this Strength in the context of your relationships, your work and your life?