Join us for a Strengths Chat

Talking about your strengths is one of the best ways to grow in your understanding of them.

That’s why we incorporate multiple “30 second” conversations into each hour of our StrengthsFinder teaching. Sometimes when you’re forced to articulate what your strengths mean to someone else, in your own words, they become more alive and obvious. This then helps you grown in self-awareness, team-awareness and engagement.

We’d like to attempt to do something similar via Twitter. On Tuesday, March 11 from 2 – 3 pm CST, we’re going to host a live Strengths Chat.

How to Join the StrengthsFinder Conversation

If you’d like to be part of the conversation, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Open a new browser tab and go to Click “log in” and authorize with your twitter account.
  3. Enter the hashtag, “#strengthschat” and you’re in!

A Twitter chat is a free exchange of ideas between participants on a specific topic via Twitter.

About the Hosts

Myself (Nathan Freeburg) and Joseph Dworak will be your hosts for this first chat. Together, Joseph and I have been helping people, teams and cultures understand how to leverage their Strengths since the early 2000’s. We’ve had the opportunity to work with large teams, small teams, non-profits, for profits and everything in between.

The conversation will be very casual and free flowing – Twitter style. We’ll answer questions from participants, as well as throw out some of our own. We also welcome other StrengthsFinder coaches to give input and feedback as we go.

We hope to see you at 2 pm CST on March 11!