Join Our 2019 Strengths Communicator Training! (Podcast)

Welcome to the next installment of the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of StrengthsFinder.

On this episode of the podcast, we’re talking all about our Strengths Communicator Training. This episode originally aired in October of 2017, but we’re putting it out again because we have our next training cohort beginning in January of 2019. In this episode, you’ll learn not only about our Strengths Communicator Training but also some of the insights we’ve gained from the hundreds of participants we’ve worked with over the past several years. On the show, I talk with our President, Brian Schubring to unpack not only our methodology for teaching others about what we do but also some common elements and universal takeaways.

Even if you can’t make the trek to Minneapolis for one of our upcoming trainings, there are insights in this episode that are applicable to anyone, anywhere with an interest in getting the best out of themselves and those on their team. Listen now and click the links below for more information about our next training.

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What is Strengths Communicator Training?

Strengths Communicator Training is for individuals who want to enhance their skills to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strength. We believe anyone interested in understanding how their Strengths interact and behave at a deeper level could benefit from this, but, there are two groups in particular that we have specifically designed this for:

  1. An individual who represents an organization already utilizing Strengths who wants an in-depth training to maximize their organization’s understanding and application of Strengths.
  2. Coaches or consultants who are looking to sharpen or enhance the work they are already doing with Strengths.

To become fluent in the language of Strengths, you need to understand the behaviors behind them. These behaviors give them “meaning, depth, color, dimension, sound, timing, and texture.” The behaviors, not the names, are where the uniqueness of each Strength exists. This is what participants of our Strengths Communicator Training learn to recognize.

Why We Created Strengths Communicator Training

For years, we sought a way to help organizations develop internal advocates to keep the Strengths movement alive once we were gone. If we really wanted the philosophy of Strengths to take root, it had to come from within. Here’s Brian describing the process in more detail:

It’s a way that an organization can rely on the external expertise that leadership vision provides to invest in the training and the development of internal advocates that will be able to keep the strengths movement alive. We have found that when an organization commits to a Strengths based philosophy, they will also need to commit to the development of internal advocates to carry on the work.

Our hope is to create an innovative way for organizations to integrate a Strengths Based Philosophy enterprise-wide. This may begin with a specific team or a series of individuals interested in championing the initiative. Either way, it’s a long-term investment in the people and culture of the organization. Click here to learn more.

About The Leadership Vision Podcast

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