Unlocking the Power of Your Unique Strengths

Think back to the moment when you first received your unique StrengthsFinder results. What was that experience like for you?

For me, I remember so vividly the moment I got my results back. I read the descriptions for the theme of ideation and felt like wow, for the first time, this, this thing, this tool, this assessment, has finally put words to what I had already known about myself for my entire life. It was extremely freeing and gave me permission to stop trying to be someone I wasn’t.

Whether you’ve recently taken StrengthsFinder assessment or are a little further along on your journey, this episode is a good reminder to never stop being curious about the things that make you, you. The language of Strengths is fantastic when it comes to communicating things about yourself that help you stand out. With a little bit of time and energy, you can get a better perspective on your top five themes of Strength and possibly see new ways in which you can approach your personal and professional life.