Becoming Leadership Lean with Brian Schubring (podcast)

On this episode of the podcast, Brian Schubring and I talk about what it takes to reach that next level of leadership fitness. We call it becoming Leadership Lean. During this time of year, January, many people—maybe even you—set goals, especially those involving fitness and other health-related pursuits. This could be exercising, eating better, trying to accomplish a specific achievement or milestone, or perhaps, just trying to incorporate more movement into your daily life. Whatever your goals, they all involve disciplined learning and unlearning of certain behaviors. This is true of anything you want to be better at, be it parenting, podcasting, or the pursuit of your lofty goals. We need to move beyond the space we’re currently in and move into an area that’s a little scary. In this episode, we explore and unpack what it takes to become Leadership Lean. Brian shares his four L model which includes Listening, Leaning, Learning, and Leading.