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Strengths Communicator Resources

Thank you [wlm_firstname] for your participation in our Strengths Communicator training. The first two days together hopefully prepared you to embark on your 1 to 1 Strengths conversations over the coming weeks.

As a part of your in-person training and completion of the Portfolio requirements, Leadership Vision is providing you with one year of usage and free access to our ThemePrint and online Strengths videos. These materials are intended to assist you in conducting 1 to 1 Strengths conversations.

While we covered all 34 themes of Strength during the first two days, the videos are an opportunity for you to hear the talents and applications of each theme of Strength, again. This may be a helpful reminder as you prepare for your conversations.

The links to each of the 34 ThemePrints, are electronic versions of what you received in your Strengths Communicator workbook. We have also included some language that you may utilize, if requesting individuals complete a ThemePrint packet prior to your conversation.


Theme Videos

ThemePrint Instructions

  1. Click on each of your Strengths below and print out a ThemePrint Worksheet corresponding to each Strength.
  2. For each Strength, read through the 14 talent descriptors. If a talent resonates strongly with you, then fill in the corresponding numbered circle completely. If it does not seem to ‘fit’ you, then leave it empty. If it seems to be somewhat or sometimes appropriate, then fill it in partially.
  3. When you have completed all 5 ThemePrint Worksheets, take a look to see which Strengths have the most and the least talent circles filled out. This represents how dominant they are.
  4. Place your Strengths in order of intensity from greatest to least.
  5. This placement is the Function Order of your Strengths. It may be different from the Rank Order you received in your results packet.

The ThemePrint Worksheets and online Strengths Videos are the copyrighted and exclusive property of Leadership Vision Consulting. All rights reserved. This material may not be sold, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission from Leadership Vision Consulting. This agreement is valid to one year of your completion of the Strengths Communicator training provided by Leadership Vision Consulting.

Contact with questions.