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Strengths 101: An Introduction to Understanding Your Strengths

A 5-part course introducing the philosophy and application of your Top 5 Themes of Strength.

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Linda Schubring August 2021

Dr. Linda and Brian Schurbing
Leadership Vision has helped 50,000+ individuals explore the depths of their Strengths.

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For just $49.99, clarity on your Top 5 Themes of Strengths and activities for practical application.


This course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your Top 5 Themes of Strength. Strengths are not just words or textbook definitions. They are a collection of unique but similar behaviors which point to your greatest potential and capacity for catalytic influence.

This course establishes a Strengths-based foundation by developing a common language, shared experience, and collective conversations. The five lessons will establish a framework for a deeper understanding of your top 5 Themes of Strength.

As you dive into the course content and engage others in community, you will begin a path of mastery. We provide action steps to take the learnings outside the course and into the real world!


  • An increased connection to others
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Clarity on what your Strengths mean

Who is this course for?


…who has taken the CliftonStrengths™ Assessments and wants to learn more about their Top 5 Themes of Strength and Strengths philosophy.

Strengths 101 goes in-depth on the following topics:

  1. An explanation and overview of the Strengths philosophy
  2. The four key Strengths terms you need to know to enhance your understanding and application
  3. Access to our 34 Strengths videos, including videos on your Top 5 Themes of Strength
  4. An activity to develop an internal awareness and appreciation of your Strengths
  5. An activity to help you gain greater perspective on how your Strengths show up to others
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Strengths 101: An Introduction to Understanding Your Strengths

Meet your instructors


Brian Schubring

Founder and President

Brian brings 30+ years of leadership experience within the private sector, education, and business. In the past 20+ years he has worked with over 50,000 individuals in more than 450 organizations in North and Central America and 21 European countries. His consulting consistently results in sustainable leadership initiatives in each organization. Brian surrounds himself with uniquely talented and high capacity people who bring a commitment to excellence and service in all the work Leadership Vision does as a team.


Linda Schubring

Vice President

As a consultant with LVC since 2008, Dr. Linda Schubring brings heart and soul to each engagement with individuals, teams, or cultures. She particularizes people and is a charismatic communicator. Linda leads out of her emotional intelligence and is fueled with passion for people to find their voice and unique contribution to groups, teams, and the world whether they be educators, business professionals, or life-long learners. Throughout her consultancy with LVC, she has consulted in the education, business, health, technology, and non-profit sectors.


Nathan Freeburg

Creative Director AND consultant

Nathan spent 10 years in higher education where he developed and built teams of high capacity leaders. In 2007, Nathan came on board at Leadership Vision as a consultant. Nathan’s brilliance comes in his ability to engineer environments where individuals can gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what strength they bring to their team.

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Course Details:

Five Insightful Lessons with Dr. Linda and Brian Schubring, internationally known Strengths experts.

34 Themes of Strength Videos for greater understanding and application on each of your Themes of Strength.

Login Access to an Interactive Learning Environment where you can engage with others processing course materials.

Cost: $49.99

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