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Seeing Strengths from a New Perspective

A 6-part Online Course to Expand Your Understanding and Expertise in the application of Strengths

Seeing Strengths for a New Perspective Course



Brian Schurbing and Nathan Freeburg
Leadership Vision has helped 50,000+ individuals explore the depths of their Strengths.

Take Action to Grow

For just $149, gain action steps and learn time-tested processes which create lasting transformation.


You will emerge from this course with insights into Strengths philosophy and practice that you will not find in any book or other training;  a deeper and more nuanced experience of your Strengths; growth in self-awareness and professional application of your Strengths practice

Who is this course for?


Have you you taken  the CliftonStrengths™ assessment, but the basic descriptions in the book or other materials left you wanting more? 

Team Leaders

Are you using a Strengths-based philosophy but want to increase your knowledge of Strengths in order to be a more effective and insightful leader?

Strengths Practitioners

Do you want to learn an expansive view of interpreting Strengths and a different approach to applying Strengths within an organizational context?

Seeing Strengths from a New Perspective goes in-depth on the following topics:

  1. How your strengths are detected through your attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and motivations
  2. The four ‘Domains of Strength’ and how your strengths help you ‘do’ each of them
  3. How your Strengths are experienced on a continuum of extremes
  4. How your strengths show up in cognitive formation
  5. How to bring your strengths and those of others ‘into the light’
  6. How your strengths break and how to put them back together again
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Seeing Strengths from a New Perspective

Meet your instructors


Brian Schubring

Founder and President

Brian brings 30+ years of leadership experience within the private sector, education, and business. In the past 20+ years he has worked with over 50,000 individuals in more than 450 organizations in North and Central America and 21 European countries. His consulting consistently results in sustainable leadership initiatives in each organization. Brian surrounds himself with uniquely talented and high capacity people who bring a commitment to excellence and service in all the work Leadership Vision does as a team.


Nathan Freeburg

Creative Director AND consultant

Nathan spent 10 years in higher education where he developed and built teams of high capacity leaders. In 2007, Nathan came on board at Leadership Vision as a consultant. Nathan’s brilliance comes in his ability to engineer environments where individuals can gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what strength they bring to their team.

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Course Details:

Six Insightful Training Videos with Brian Schubring, internationally known Strengths expert.

Six Course Companion downloads with course notes, process questions for deeper learning, and application activities for experiential learning.

Login Access to an Interactive Learning Environment where you can engage with others processing course materials.

Cost: $149.00

*This is the cost for individual access. Please contact us for group rates and experiences.

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