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Are you a leader and…

Want an effective way to invest in your people?

You need resources that have been proven to work across cultures and over time. You want positive, lasting change in your teams, leaders, and throughout your organization. Our team training and senior-level coaching will equip you with practical applications and time-tested transformational wisdom.

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Team at a table

Are you wondering if your team investment efforts are effective?

Wasting Time?

Are you spinning your wheels on efforts that do not bring the change you need?

Don’t know where to start?

Are your team’s challenges complex, confusing, and vulnerable to disruptive change?

Losing Accountability?

Are you struggling to create a culture where employees are likely to collaborate and thrive?

Need change to stick?

Are you looking for lasting transformation beyond a temporary mountain top event?

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Leadership Vision Team Building Resources


Online Learning
at your own pace.

Acquire Strengths insights at a time, place, and pace that’s perfect for you. Go deeper in the application of Strengths.

Best for: for those who want to learn online at their own pace.


Where learning and
practice meet.

Downloadable lessons and activities for the discovery, practice, and implementation of a Strengths based approach to people, teams and culture.

Best for: those who want practical exercises and guided experiences.


The Journey Is Hard.
Don’t Go It Alone!

Where like-minded individuals like you gather to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions, learn from experts, participate in growth challenges, and more.

Best for: those who want an interpersonal journey with greater accountability

Leadership Vision Offers Team Building with Intention: to Shape Culture

Clear Strategy

Engage your team with specific content, consistently, and over time. With the goal to align on purpose.

Researched Based

Address 6 critical elements of team health and function based on our data from 450 teams.

Custom Solutions

Uniquely created content to address your real-time priorities with expert facilitation.


Tackle your team’s most pressing needs with Compassion, Courage, and Connection.


We build processes to help you learn to be a present, empathetic and responsible team member.


We prepare team members to embrace their vulnerabilities and step into challenging moments.


We create environments where authentic relationships develop between team members to deepen trust and productivity.

Clients We Have Worked With

Over the last decade, Leadership Vision has focused on teams to positively shape cultures. Team members need a common language, shared experience, and unifying narrative to promote team health and effectiveness. Thousands of teams later, we have the research, expertise, and curriculum to meet teams, where they’re at and take them to the next level.

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