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The resources, and motivation you need to build positive team culture.

We believe that leaders are looking for a community of like-valued leaders who can come together to learn from each other and interact around LV material. We will host discussions around our weekly podcast, monthly Q&A’s with Brian and Linda, and various discussion groups around topics such as…

“We don’t know if you know this, but we actually have an online community where we’ll be discussing this podcast episode and more. Go to (link) and… whatever…

Community for Teams

Leadership Vision designs and delivers sustainable strategies to meet the development needs of teams. Since 2000, we have worked with thousands of teams in more than 400 organizations across 33 countries. Our experience and applied wisdom create lasting insight within people, teams, and organizations.

Courses Images-Strengths 101

Strengths 101: An Introduction to Understanding Your Strengths

A 5-part course introducing the philosophy and application of your Top 5 Themes of Strength.

This course establishes a Strengths-based foundation by developing a common language, shared experience, and collective conversations. The five lessons will establish a framework for a deeper understanding of your top 5 Themes of Strength.

Best For: Individuals | $49.99
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Community for Individuals

Leadership Vision has helped over 50,000 individuals explore the depths of their Strengths and extend their journey towards what is right about them. Learn from Leadership Vision’s unparalleled experience, expertise, education, and excellence.

Now it’s your turn!

Courses Images-Strengths 202 Domains

Strengths 201: An Introduction to Understanding Your Domains of Strength

A 5-part course introducing the philosophy and application of your Top 5 Themes of Strength.

On the individual level, we use the domains of Strength because they can help people understand how the Talents of each of their Themes of Strength form their approach to work and life. At the team level, the use of domains helps establishing team health where everyone is responsible for the outcomes of the organization.

Best For: Individuals | $99.99


Help us create better resources for leaders!

We are translating some of the in-person work we have done with clients over the past 20+ years into online resources for anyone, anywhere to use to build positive team culture. These tools will empower team leaders and individuals to enhance team health.

We are currently looking for 25 people to provide feedback and improve the user experience.