Celebrating Workplace Friendships and Mentorship in Leadership

Have you ever encountered a friendship or mentorship that felt more like family? A connection so profound that it reshaped your perspective on work, life, and leadership? We dive into the heart of such a relationship and the remarkable synergy it brought to the forefront of leadership and mentoring.

Dr. Linda Schubring interviews her dear friend, Carlos Fernandez, in this podcast episode. It’s a story of connection, mentorship, and the unexpected ways we find family in our lives and careers. Linda and Carlos share a bond that transcends the typical definition of friendship. Meeting over two decades ago in a university setting, their paths crossed in a way neither could have predicted. It led to a deep familial bond that influenced their approach to leadership, mentorship, and life.

Throughout the conversation, we cover the concept of finding a “work best friend,” the impact of a nurturing leadership style, and the power of recognizing and fostering potential in others. Linda and Carlos’ story is a testament to the transformative effect of meaningful connections and their role in our personal and professional growth.