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Seeing Strengths from a New Perspective

A 6-part Online Course to Expand Your Understanding and Expertise in the application of Strengths

Continue Self-Discovery

This course will give you a framework to invest in life-long growth.

Expand Influence

Learn how to become who you are meant to be and use your Strengths in productive ways.

Take Action to Grow

Gain action steps and learn time-tested processes which create lasting transformation.

Not investing in your Strengths may cost you more than you know.

Waste Time

Don’t let another day to go by without understanding what your Strengths mean.

Fall short of Excellence

Misunderstanding your Strengths can keep you from reaching your highest levels of success

Lose Influence

Misapplying Strength may cause you to ‘show up’ in unproductive ways and isolate you from others

You Often Feel Misunderstood

Having an incorrect view of self often results in your impact being different than intent.

Are you seeking to expand your influence through the use of Strengths?

Expand your Influence

Do you want to help people understand the variety of nuances of Strengths?

Build on your Strengths Knowledge

Gain a fresh perspective on understanding the Domains of Strengths.

Bring Clarity to Misunderstanding

Discover new ways of interpreting and applying Strengths.

Learn How to Expand your Reach

Discover new ways to apply your knowledge.

Life-changing insights with practical application.

Man with binoculars

Expand Your Strengths Understanding

The course will reveal insights into Strengths philosophy and practice that you will not find in any book or other training. Anywhere.

See Your World Through Strengths

This course will open your eyes to a deeper and more nuanced experience of your Strengths.

Be Transformed through Practical Application

This course is for those who want to thrive and grow in self-awareness and professional application of your Strengths practice

What does the course include?

6 Video Trainings

Each 15-20 minute training will give you a new depth of insight into Strengths.

Courses Topics include…

  1. How Strengths are detected through attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and motivation
  2. What are ‘Domains of Strength’ and how do your Strengths help ‘do’ all four of them.
  3. How Strengths are Experienced on a Continuum of Extreme”
  4. How do Strengths show up in cognitive formation
  5. How to bring Strengths ‘into the light’
  6. How Strengths break and how to put them back together again.

6 Downloadable Course Companions

Each includes:

Written Summary of the Training to assist you as you are processing course content.

Points of reflection which will help you process the lessons on a personal level.

Activities for Application which will give you practical exercises to further embed the course information into your transformation process.

Login Access to an Interactive Learning Environment

This course is delivered online through an interactive learning environment where you:

  • Will be able to access course material on any internet connected device.
  • Be a part of a community of people who are also engaging and processing this content.

Who should take this course?

You are an individual who has taken the CliftonStrengths™ assessment yet the book or other online materials have left you wanting to get beyond a basic understanding of self and Strength.

You are a Team Leader who is leading others using a Strengths-based philosophy, but you are want to grow in your knowledge of Strengths in order to be a more effective and insightful leader.

You are a Strengths Practitioner who wants to learn an expansive view and different approach to applying Strengths within an organizational context.

Regardless of who you are or how much experience you have with Strengths, this course will leave you with a more robust understanding and application of a Strengths-based approach to personal and team health.

Start Your Course Today!

Course Details:

Six Insightful Training Videos with Brian Schubring, internationally known Strengths expert.

Six Course Companion downloads with course notes, process questions for deeper learning, and application activities for experiential learning.

Login Access to an Interactive Learning Environment where you can engage with others processing course materials.

Cost: $149.00

*This is the cost for individual access. Please contact us for group rates and experiences.

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