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Congratulations ! You have just completed the Leadership Vision Strengths course. We want to take this moment to say thank you. We know that the time you spend developing your Strengths will pay great dividends in all areas of your life.

We want to stay connected with you. As part of our commitment to helping you grow in your Strengths, we would like to continue sharing our Resources.

Ongoing Learning

Strengths development is a lifelong process. The following activities are intended to be completed at various intervals along your Strengths journey. They will help you gain continuous insight on both a personal and professional level. Go ahead and try them in a variety of contexts.


At the end of every day, take 5 minutes (no more) and think about or jot down a few examples of where you saw one or more of your Strengths at play that day.


At the beginning of the week, think into a few big tasks you have coming up. Jot down two ways you can approach them using your Strengths. At the end of the week, reflect back on whether or not you were able to engage your Strengths the way you intended.


Take a good friend, trusted co-worker, or close family member out for coffee. Ask them to read through your ThemePrint packet ahead of time. Then, seek their feedback to gain a different perspective on how they view your Strengths.

In Six Months

Review all of your ThemePrint pages. Now that you know what you know about your Top5 StrengthsFinder themes, what has changed? What is the same? What areas have you grown? What areas do you need to grow?

What’s Next?

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If you would like to speak directly with a Leadership Vision Consultant to see how we might assist you in reaching a more in-depth understanding of your Themes of Strength, please contact us. We have some additional services that may be helpful to you. Enroll in a 1 or 3 session conversation with one of our consultants around your unique StrengthsFinderâ„¢ profile.[/wlm_private]

[wlm_private “Strengths Course + 1|Strengths Course + 3”]Thank you for completing The Strengths Course. Your next step is to schedule your Strengths Conversation with one of our consultants.

To set that up, please contact us below and we will get it scheduled.

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Option A

1 Strengths Conversation

During this conversation, your Strengths consultant will get to know a bit about who you are. This will be a follow-up conversation once you have completed the Strengths Course.

We will help you process what you have learned there, and begin to identify some behaviors around your most dominant Themes of Strength.


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Option B

3 Strengths Conversations

The FIRST conversation will consist of getting to know you, your background and personal and professional contexts.

The SECOND conversation will be about your Strengths. We will listen for behaviors inherent to your Themes.

The THIRD conversation will give you a snapshot of our learnings, and suggestions how to implement those into your current context.

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