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Become a Stronger Woman of Influence

This 3-part course will help you own and practice the power of your life story. You will be inspired to take action as you build confidence to leverage your influence.

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Become a Stronger Woman of Influence


Linda Schubring August 2021

Dr. Linda Schurbing
For 25 years, Linda has led leaders like you who are brilliant, beautiful, and human. She has a passion for the power of women to be unlocked.

Take Action to Grow

For just $99.99, Practice your story. Own the power of your narrative. Write a story together.

Course Overview

At Leadership Vision, we believe everyone is designed for influence, and can move from potential to performance through an intentional process of self-reflection and self-actualization.

This 3-part course, led by Dr. Linda Schubring, is designed to inspire female leaders to consider the significant components of their life’s stories and be inspired to use their power to increase their influence and positive impact on the world.


  • Opportunities to experience leadership breakthroughs
  • An understanding of the power of your unique story as a woman
  • A forum to connect with other like-minded leaders

Become a Stronger Woman of Influence goes in-depth on the following topics:

1. Your Identity

Storytelling as a Leadership Skill
Leaders who know how to leverage their own lived experiences through the sharing of a well-crafted narrative have been shown to lead adaptively in change. This course will teach you our process of storytelling as a leadership skill.

2. Your Impact

Understanding What Fuels your Leadership
Your personal story and present experience are endless resources of joy, love, and power. This course will help you dust off the stories of your life, and help you discover the leadership lessons that you can leverage in new ways.

3. Your Influence

The Power Of A Collective Narrative
We have found that the most impactful teams are those who have rallied around a common story or compelling narrative, creating movement to advance their cause. Sometimes those movements are solutions, evolutions, or revolutions. Linda uses a poignant painting called “Always On Watch” by artist Jennifer White to invite participants to consider the narratives they might be compelled to tell together.

Who is this course for?

Women in positions of influence, from C-suite to stay-at-home moms

Women who hold formal or informal positions of leadership

Women looking for a community of other leaders from which to grow

Meet your Instructor




As president and principal consultant of Leadership Vision, Dr. Linda Schubring brings heart and soul to each engagement with individuals, teams, or cultures. Linda’s journey has had highs and lows. Threads of perseverance, drive, compassion, and commitment to invest in leaders have been woven into her story. Linda took steps to earn degrees that had a practical application.
While in her doctoral program, she studied how teams and individuals navigate change, and she was in the throes of breast cancer treatment. She is fueled with passion for people to find their voice and unique contribution to groups, teams, and the world whether they be educators, business professionals, or life-long learners.

As a Strengths-based consultant, executive, and coach, Linda has navigated her own power, and walked with many leaders to promote a way of doing power that is expansive, inclusive and collaborative.


Nathan Freeburg

Creative Director AND consultant

Nathan spent 10 years in higher education where he developed and built teams of high capacity leaders. In 2007, Nathan came on board at Leadership Vision as a consultant. Nathan’s brilliance comes in his ability to engineer environments where individuals can gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what strength they bring to their team.

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Course Details:

Access to 3 self-paced lessons with Dr. Linda Schubring.

3 Downloadable worksheets for greater understanding and application.

Lifetime Access to an Interactive Learning Environment where you can engage with others processing course materials.

Cost: $99.99

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