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Adaptive Leadership Online Course

Thriving in times of challenge & change.



About Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership is a human endeavor where leaders do not rely on the answers from a book nor from an authority figure, but who are forging ahead in the collective expertise of others to chart a new way forward.

This course will:

  • Boost your ability as an adaptive leader who can reflect, respond, act and navigate change in an unpredictable environment and thrive.
  • Add to your leadership repertoire adaptive strategies, tools, and framework to lead with self-awareness, humility, resilience, and purposeful action during a changing global context.
  • Strengthen your adaptive capacity as a leader, engage with other professionals in a virtual cohort model, and discover Leadership Vision’s approach to helping people, teams and cultures navigate through change. You’ll connect individually with Linda or Heather giving you a space to deepen your personal reflection and to incite effective action. Upon completion of your portfolio and 1:1 conversation, you will receive a Leadership Vision Adaptive Leader Certificate of Completion.

This course has been adapted from an in-person cohort model that has been proven to ignite meaningful growth and development. It has been cited as the impetus for new commitments, positive changes to personal relationships as well as new positions and leadership opportunities in some cases.

Why is this Important Right Now?

In this time of unrest and uncertainty, we are invited to reimagine how we show up as people of influence. Adaptive leadership invites us to explore the meaning behind our actions, to learn to respond rather than react, and to lead others with intentionality. Now, we have the opportunity to communicate and make decisions less frantically. We can take a moment to meaningfully reflect on our behaviors in order to lead others with more insight. These sessions allow you to be humbly opportunistic and add to your leadership repertoire, making the most of change and unrest, giving you the ability to flourish and thrive rather than get by and survive.

During This Online Course You will Gain:


You will learn to distinguish between adaptive challenges and technical problems so you can engage the right strategy.


You will be able to understand what creates your resistance/immunity to change and explore tools to overcome these challenges.


All adaptive change comes with a mix of chaos, conflict and confusion. You will be given a framework to do the inner work necessary to face that. This includes how to identify your triggers and your tolerance for change to know how to work through them in order to identify as an adaptive leader.

Personalized Connection

Have an intentional opportunity to personally interact with one of your facilitators.

Schedule & Cost

$579 2 Days + Coaching

Module 1

May 13 - 90 minutes

The Adaptive Leader: Growing your Capacity & Facing Challenges.

Homework to be completed prior to mid-point connection.


Between May 18 - 29, 30 minutes

1:1 Conversation with Heather or Linda to discuss

Module 2

June 3 - 90 minutes

Leading Self: Triggers, Needs and Steps to Adapt.

Homework to be completed prior to mid-point connection.

Final Conversation

between June 10 - 30

A 30 minute 1:1 conversation with Heather or Linda after submission of final portfolio. Certificate of completion & LinkedIn badge.

MEET YOUR Facilitators

Linda Schubring Connectedness | Individualization | Strategic | Maximizer | Adaptability


Dr. Linda is our VP and principal consultant. She began using CliftonStrengths® in 2001 in the university setting, and has served at Leadership Vision since 2008. She utilized an adaptive leadership framework for her doctoral work when she studied how individuals and teams navigate change. For 7 years, Linda was an executive at an IT consulting firm in the Twin Cities as the VP of Employee Experience and culture.

Heather Kelly Individualization | Strategic | Learner | Relator | Achiever

Heather is our Director of Culture and Talent Investment and consultant. She has been sharing Strengths within a corporate context for 10 years.  Working primarily in the technology and consulting industries, Heather has led and managed large teams and provided consultation around employee engagement, organizational development.

Heather Kelly

Linda and Heather met in 2013 and began their professional relationship by sharing ideas around improving workplace culture. Together, Linda and Heather have experience consulting around Strengths with people, teams and organizations all over the world.


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