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Brian Schubring
 is an international consultant specializing in leadership identification, team development and talent management. He serves an array of clients in the business and non-profit sector, as well as professionals in the fields of education, law, and medicine. Brian’s undergraduate degree in psychology and master’s degree is clinical counseling and theology provide a unique foundation for the challenges associated with team leadership.

Brian brings 24 years of experience within the private sector, education, and business. In the past eleven years he has worked with over 16,000 individuals in more than 350 organizations in North and Central America and 15 European countries. Brian has done extensive coaching with individuals for the purpose of identity development and talent assessment. His consulting consistently results in sustainable leadership initiatives in each organization. The genius of Brian’s leadership within LVC, is that he surrounds himself with uniquely talented and high capacity consultants to do this important work.

Brian Schubring is a board member of Global Athlete Village, a non-profit organization focused on health and wellness programming founded by Stephanie Smith, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. He is a competitive athlete in marathons and triathlons, and is a fitness instructor having taught for 23 years. Brian and his wife Linda live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with their daughter, Camila.