Exploring Our Value of Generosity

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a Strengths-Based approach to people, teams, and culture.

Exploring Our Team Values

Over the next five weeks, we’re exploring our team values which are generosity, courage, wisdom, team, and fun. In each episode, we’re diving into where our values come from, what they mean, and how we are applying them to our team, our relationships, and ourselves.

In this episode, we explore our team value of generosity. We discuss how we experience and express generosity both individually and as a team. We also share stories about how generosity is expressed through our individual Strengths, experiences of generosity with our clients, and why we think generosity is an important team value.


We believe generosity is an authentic recognition and thankfulness for what we have. Generosity is an action out of our abundance, knowing that life is best lived when it is shared. Oftentimes we think about generosity as an expression of giving away finances or providing for the material needs of someone else, but generosity is so much more than the act of giving. When we think about generosity, especially at Leadership Vision, it’s not about giving something to get something back, it’s showing up and being present. Generosity is living in the space of gratitude and expanding our lives, knowing that all good things will be stirred and come back, sometimes in spades.

At Leadership Vision, we want to share our generosity with our clients. We do this in our Learning Communities by giving people a chance to generously express their gratefulness for other people, their value for others, and the reasons they love working with each other.

Why the Value of Generosity?

Values are natural tendencies of our character that express themselves over and over again and are tested over time. The value of generosity is an important reminder of how much we have and how much we can give to others. At Leadership Vision, we truly work from a place of abundance and we seek to share that abundance with others.

Generosity in Your Strengths

How does generosity show up in your Strengths or the Strengths of your team? We want to hear your stories about generosity and Strengths and we hope our stories will inspire you to reach out. Connect with us at connect@leadershipvisionconsulting.com, on social media, or comment on this blog.

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