Understanding Diversity and Inclusion part 3: Generations

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a strengths-based approach to people, teams, and culture.

Over the past three weeks, we’ve been focusing our podcast around the topics of Diversity and Inclusion. We hope these three episodes will not only motivate and inspire you to thinking critically about these topics but also provide you with a few tools to implement some change. Remember, this is a journey, and we’re not looking for perfection but instead focused on progress.


Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic right now in business. Most organizations have various initiatives designed to boost diversity and create inclusion within their companies culture. As the world population is growing towards 8 billion people, and it’s increasingly easy to communicate with those who are different from us, this work may be more important than ever. Diversity and Inclusion, or D&I for short, frame the work we do at Leadership Vision around Strengths. It helps to tell the story of investing in people, teams, and culture, so all can thrive.

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with Dr. Linda Schubring again about the important topic of Diversity and Inclusion as it relates to generations. Specifically, we talk about what can happen when you have people working in your organization from several different generations. And not just working together, but mentoring and learning from one another. In addition to being one of our consultants at Leadership Vision, Linda is also the VP of Employee Experience at Aeritae Consulting Group. Aeritae has been a client of ours since 2010, and we have an amazingly close relationship with them. For nearly a decade, we’ve been on this Strengths-Based journey together in many ways, highlighting in what’s best in people. So, this is the context by which we’re framing this three-part series.

Part of why we decided to record these conversations is because Linda noticed a lot of these D&I initiatives have been solely focused within the realm of HR. There’s often a lot of politics and politicking that go into these things, and we thought maybe it didn’t need to be that way. Linda wanted to inject our voice and approach that has tackled D&I pursuits subversively at first, but very intentionally and effectively.

Your Feedback

What are your thoughts on this series? If you’ve listened to all three of them, we’d love to hear not only where you’re at with Diversity and Inclusion in your context, but where you’re at with it personally. We know that’s a deep and complex conversation, but we think it’s important. So drop us a line, you can email us or comment on our blog, or in iTunes. As always, we’d love to help you and your team continue to build your organization around Strengths.

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