Strengths Based Coaching

collaborative PARTNERSHIP

Provides a collaborative partnership in order to lead change and create a sustainable strengths based organizational culture. We will give advisement and direction to the executive. Our focus is on a strengths based leader: personally and professionally. Personally, to improve self awareness, alignment, aim and application of strengths.

Strengths Based Leadership

leading LEADERS

A multi-day application on the critical characteristics of Strengths Based Leadership: continual investment in strengths; surrounding oneself with the right leaders to maximize teams; understanding followers’ needs for trust, compassion, stability and hope. Days of Contact: 4 (3 classroom + 1 personal follow up).

Strengths Communicator

teaching TRAINERS

A multi-day training seeking to create an in-house team of individuals ready for deep integration of the strengths based material. Days of Contact: 5 (4 classroom + 1 personal follow up)