BRAVING: How to Establish Trust on Your Team

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In this episode, Melissa Hyatt and I discuss trust and explore the idea of BRAVING, an acronym borrowed from Brené Brown that stands for Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vault, Integrity, Non-judgment, and Generosity. BRAVING is a helpful tool to help us work through situations surrounding trust, perhaps when trust is broken or when building or gaining trust. It helps us to understand the different elements of how we develop trust on a deeper level. We unpack this idea of BRAVING, define the terms, and share some great examples to help you establish a deeper level of trust on your team. Enjoy!


BRAVING is all about trust and oftentimes, practicing trust. As Brené Brown would say, trust is built in small moments over time. The BRAVING acronym helps to develop a deeper understanding of trust and helps us to not be shaming of others. It allows us to focus on behavior so that we can address and identify behaviors in the moment rather than resorting to shame.

Unfortunately, we usually utilize the BRAVING acronym after a struggle or conflict. This can be a good thing because it allows the opportunity to learn from our struggles and biases. Whenever there’s a breach of trust and you work through the BRAVING acronym, it will give you wisdom for future relationships and you will always learn something about yourself.

As many of us reintegrate into the workforce, it’s helpful to spend time exploring how we behave and how we build and establish trust. Use this BRAVING acronym to go deeper with yourself and others.


What’s ok, What’s not ok?


Do you do what you say you will do?


Do you own your mistakes and give credit where credit is due?


You don’t share information that is not yours to share.


Choosing courage over comfort. Choosing to do what is right over what is fast, fun, or easy.


We can talk about what we need or how we feel without judgment. We don’t make up stories about why the other person feels or needs something.


We assume the best of each others intentions, actions, and words.

BRAVING for Leaders

As leaders, we have to like ourselves and we have to work on ourselves before we can lead others well. Take time to reflect on the different aspects of BRAVING listed above. How do you build trust? How do you gain trust? And how do you work through these different elements to really understand trust on a deeper level? Connect with me at We’d love to hear from you!

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